streetlight-docsTEE Hybrid Wind Solar Street lights are designed for primary use in parking lots or over highways and the complete set includes a standard setup of the 300 W Maglev vertical wind turbine along a steel tower or solar lead acid batteries controls and light diodes (LEDs), that can store up to 5 days of The TEE Hybrid Wind Solar Street Lights are specifically configured for the environment where it is to be installed.

Factors to be considered are sun intensity, sun angle, daylight period, wind patterns, altitude, land surface, proximity of structures etc.
Solar panel, maglev wind turbine, LED lights as well as batteries are selected and configured to obtain the maximum efficiency of each sys
tem. In certain cases an excess of renewable energy can be generated for usage elsewhere.






Standard Configuration
The system configuration will be changed with changes of the load and the installation site






General Advantages
Wind and solar hybrid street lighting system is a self-sufficient energy street light powered from solar separated distributed power supply systemsstreetlight-colour

  • Completely independent no need to trench and cables
  • No geographical restrictions, environmentally friendly and energy savings
  • Itself is a elegant beautified the city
  • Additional technical details can be downloaded here: streetlight-docs