Utilization of Insulated Concrete Forms for Better Buildings
ICFWallsThe highly skilled professionals of TOTAL ECO ENERGY TEE will research and recommend you the best possible ICFs that will provide the consummate living surroundings, in more comfortable, quieter and safer covered buildings. ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms) for Walls and Floors/Roofs make for firm, reinforced concrete buildings fixed in place in order to provide better insulation, space for necessary useful services and backing for the finishing.


Ideal Applications of ICFs Recommended By Total Eco Energy:

  •  Covered or sealed construction
  • Exterior walls and entire building shells for every climate and multi-purpose use: residential, commercial, multi-family, education and worship facilities, hospitality, etc.
  • Insulated basements.
  • Green Building: Net Zero, LEED (Low-Energy Electron Diffraction) and passive house
  • Disaster Resistant Buildings for areas prone to Hurricane, Tornado, and Flood.

ICF ComparisonSeveral research organizations confirm that the most cost-efficient way for preserving energy is Saving Energy in Buildings; nothing can compare to the long – term net earnings of enhanced building insulation. Insulated Concrete Forms or ICFs are revolutionizing the global building industries because of the commendable speed of construction, energy efficiency, and security ratings at a lower Total Cost of Ownership

Our ICF VS Wooden Frame Building Construction

Our ICFs are extremely Energy efficient because of the constant EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) insulation they provide, highly reduced air infiltration, and the most important, thermal mass effect of concrete. ICFs recommended by us prove to be very comfortable and health proficient because of the even temperatures inside (no cold spots or unwanted drafts), much better sound attenuation, and a lower risk of mould growth and allergen infiltration. Our ICFs will be long- lasting and quite resistant to natural calamities and pests because the solid reinforced concrete is up to eight times stronger and sufficiently dense.

Our ICFs With Other Insulated Concrete Forms

  • Factors that suggest that the ICF recommended by us is better than other Insulated Concrete Forms are as follows:
    The insulation values of our ICFs are higher than any other Insulated Concrete Forms. The different groupings of our recommended ICF panels give you the options of choosing the true R-Values. One should not trust the declarations about effective R-Values, people often quote as “R-50” for R-22 ICFs – which are extremely unscientific and are actually prohibited by the law. We are thus able to provide you the best advice on selecting ICFs.
  • Waste produced by our ICFs will be much less than the ICF block systems as the most part that is needed to be cut down can be used again for the similar project.
  • Our ICFs typically add a 2-4% waste factor in quotes, while several other projects using ICF blocks require a 5-8% waste factor, a factor generally not incorporated in the estimates. The cost per square foot of the forms is actually not appropriate for the comparison in light of the fact that you will have to include the waste factor, bracing for angles and corners, structural supporting for corners and edges, technique to adjust walls along top and lowest part, and so forth alongside all the associated labour costs.
  • Our ICFs offer much lesser thermal bridging as the interior buck outs are made extremely simple. Outside/ Exterior buck, the main choice for most blocks, makes a noteworthy thermal bridge around every window and entryway gaps.
  • Our ICFs are exceptionally flexible utilizing a couple of standard parts. ICFs can undoubtedly be moulded to structure all the outline components of cutting-edge structures, like wide openings, curves, corners and real curves with practically any radius.
  • Our ICFs structures possess very sturdy corners since they employ metal brackets and ties made of plastic. Moreover; you will not require any additional bracing or zip-ties as they are inbuilt.
  •  The shipping cost of the ICFs recommended by us is very low if compared with other ICF block systems that are a flat panel and tie system.
  • Our shipment can be done up to a hundred percent, per truckload.
  • Our ICFs generate a flat and solid concrete wall providing a regular thickness of concrete all across the wall. Multi-Storey and Commercial Buildings
  • We always recommend you the ICFs that possess exceptional corner, angle, and T-wall solutions providing high security to the buildings. This also decreases the measure of outside scaffolding platform required and the danger of long falls for workers.
  • With the help of our ICFs you can build columns and pilasters easily and practically every commercial project requires them.
  • Our ICFs incorporate cement walls and cement floors or tops also. The tested, unique solutions such as Slab Brackets and Ties support lesser shipment costs by merging with the wall and floor shipments.

Advantages of ICFs Recommended By Total Eco Energy

Possessors of our recommended ICF structured buildings never complain about the energy efficiency, comfortable living, unwanted noises and the strength of their buildings.

The ICFs Recommended By Us Are Always Ultra – Energy Efficient:

Utilizing our recommended ICFs will allow you to easily construct walls with your selected insulation value. The insulation value may vary from R-22 to R-59, which is the highest ICF value (particularly) in North America. Select the best R-value keeping in view the local climatic conditions and your energy saving objectives. High insulation values together with low air penetration and the concrete thermal mass keep inhabitants healthy, comfortable and productive, along with significant lower costs of energy (as it is energy efficient).

Fast, Simple and Accurate:

Our ICFs are highly versatile concrete forms that allow complete flexibility in design and construction that cannot be found in any other concrete forms. Modern & Made By Engineers:

  • Our ICFs are actually the best example of a good engineered product planned and designed by building constructors for building constructors. Moreover, it is tested and approved by the International Code Council and several other code agencies. Known For Its Safety and Fire Resistance:
  •  Our ICF panels are made up of high density and physically safe fire retardant expanded polystyrene. Buildings constructed using ICF do not support ignition. The fire resistance capacity of a finished ICF wall of the thickness of about eight inches is four hours per UL (Underwriters Laboratories) tests. Solid Construction:
  •  The buildings constructed using ICFs recommended by us possess solid, reinforced concrete walls that could be four to twelve inches thick.