ITSupport-IntroThe basis for the support and monitoring is performed by combined use of variety of monitoring tools and a centralized ticketing system that is installed a hosted server environment.

A ticket to the ticketing system is initiated an end-user or by an automated system, caused due to an issue or alert. The ticketing system is then elevated through a Level 1 or Level 2 support based on the priority and mode of attention.

The support and monitoring service will be implemented using the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework, one of the popular platforms for IT Service Management.




Network Performance Monitoring:

Network monitoring involves the use of an IT system or systems to constantly monitor a computer network for slow or failing components.  This involves end-to-end Network infrastructure across NetworkMonitorWAN, LAN, VoIP services, network devices, and other IT infrastructure such as printers, UPS, Batteries etc.

The network monitoring also performs connectivity of the devices such as On/Off status, scanning event logs, hardware failures of network devices such as Router, Switch, Sensors etc.

Failure or Alert on any of the monitored device will lead to an automated creation of the ticket on the ticketing system, which will be attended by a Level 1 or Level 2 technician.


Application, Database and Server Monitoring:

AppMonitorThis monitoring service provides in-depth monitoring of web applications, such as CRM/CMS or LMS (Learning Management System) application, that are mission critical to the operation of the enterprise.

Monitoring of variety of the databases such as SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle database ensure uptime, incident resolution and keeping tab of database size, buffer cache size, database connection time.

Centralized monitoring of servers in virtualized environment can be performed without the requirement of an agent/client while standalone and decentralized servers can be monitored using agent/client installed in these servers. The monitoring of the servers includes monitoring of server load, disk utilization, processes, memory utilization, Disk I/O stats, server CPU utilization etc.


Bandwidth Monitoring:

Analyzing and monitoring of bandwidth usage patterns across LAN and WAN provides an in-depth visibility into network traffic and its patterns. This can help in avoiding the misuse of the bandwidthMonitorinternet and keep the resource use in check.





I.T Asset Management and Monitoring:

AssestMonitorBarcoding and recording I.T software and hardware assets such as computers, server, printers, projectors and other devices helps in managing the life-cycle of the assets and ensure they are tracked. Monitoring of the software assets ensures software license compliance to maintain the complete software asset inventory management.







End-User Support

End-user support involves providing IT support to end-user based on the tickets created. These tickets can be resolved on the basis of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) agreed in the business. EndUserSupportSome of the common desktop support includes hardware and software support, printer repairs and login/connectivity issues.