Building Automation System involves a combination of multiple building management systems installed in buildings using computer based control system that control and monitoring of a buildingssmartbuilding mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems. The objectives of building automation are improved occupant comfort, efficient and effective operation of building systems, and reduction in energy consumption and operating costs. Buildings controlled by a BAS is often referred to as a smart

Smart buildings go far beyond saving energy and contributing to sustainability goals. They enable innovation by creating a platform for accessible information. They turn buildings into virtual power generators by allowing operators to operate a facility with increased efficiency, manage electrical loads and sell the “megawatts” into the market. They are a key component of a future where information technology and human ingenuity combine to produce the robust, low-carbon economy envisioned for the future. The BAS plan for smart, connected building provided by Total Eco Energy is at the center of this vision, providing not just the roof overhead, but also the information infrastructure to make possible a truly intelligent world.

DELTA Building Automation Solution