Undoubtedly, the project’s ability to function is solely dependent on the power of wind and its availability. Wind is known to be another form of solar energy because it comes about as a result of uneven heating of the atmosphere by the sun coupled with the abstract topography of the earth’s surface. With wind turbines, two categories of winds are relevant to their applications, namely local winds and planetary winds. The latter is the most dominant and it is usually a major factor in deciding sites for very effective wind turbines especially with the horizontal axis types.

These winds are usually found along shore lines, mountain tops, valleys and open plains. The former is the type you will find in regular environments like the city or rural areas, basically where settlements are present. This type of wind is not conducive for effective power generation; it only has a lot of worth when it accompanies moving planetary winds. In later chapters, more focus will be placed on the power of wind and effective ways to design wind turbines for optimal wind power production.