We are an international group of professionals with a wide range of experience in: architecture, project management, administration, law, commercial and residential financing, electrical, industrial and civil engineering, government program creation and administration. We have come together with a shared vision of leveraging our strengths, skills and knowledge to offer the world renewable energy sources and resources that are not harmful to the environment.

What we do?

  • Investigate and analyze existing and new renewable energy sources
  • Design and install renewable energy systems for structures ranging from a high rise apartment building to a single family home — from a large corporation facility to a family owned business
  • Implement a TOTAL approach that includes both the analytical issues of the “mechanics” of the project as well as the “soft issues” such as the combining of products and services
  • Offer a TOTAL solution for the installation of systems in existing buildings as well as contracting services for the eco-friendly construction of new facilities

Our vision:

  • To reduce the world’s dependency on fossil fuel producers
  • To curtail the use of environmentally harming fossil fuels
  • To enable our clients to become energy self-sustaining and at the same time reduce energy costs
  • To promote and advance knowledge about the concept of renewable energy