To ensure exceptional comfort in a high efficiency air conditioned building, which features a spectacular design of a wall of floor-to-ceiling glazed windows, a radiant heating system was installed.  This vertical building includes two rooms of exhibition sm_groundhalls, one for new vehicles and one for used vehicles, as well as customer service areas, reception and lounge of the concessionaire.

Radiant heating not only promotes energy efficient HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Condition) operation and maximum comfort for the occupants, but rather, as a closed air conditioning system, will also minimize the amount of dust that enters the facilities and deposited on vehicles, windows of the building, etc…

Snow and ice melting with geothermal water facilities has increased during the last two decades and now most new parking areas in regions which enjoy geothermal district heating are equipped with systems for melting snow.  Geothermal water heated to approximately 35°C, is commonly used for de-icing sidewalks and parking lots.

Geothermal energy has been used in a limited way to melt the snow from the road pavement during the winter; although its use by public administrations is now increasing.  Using the same system on a roof will provide snow melting to keep the solar panel free from snow in cold weather, as well as heating water for hot water.